Get your profile looking amazing - it's simple to do and it then enables us and other TBC members to put your business in front of potential clients and collaborators.
Plus, if you tell us what you're up to (keeping your profile up to date, listing on the events page, sharing your top tips, sharing what you do on social media, talking in the groups) we tell all the team and our social media audiences about it for you.
Say hello in person! Even if you only pop into a Jelly for an hour, it's lovely for other members to meet the 'real' person behind the business. If you're nervous about coming to a Jelly, let us know and we'll make sure there's a friendly face to meet you.
Take advantage of our extra services if time is an issue. We have a team here to help with social media, website uploads and all things membership if you need us.
No.  We're a community, not a referral generating scheme. That said, lots of our members do refer business to each other because they've come to know, like & trust what each other do. That is totally up to them.
It's up to you! We would love to see you at a Jelly, one of our networking Team-Up events, a social, a fundraiser or celebration event (or whatever else we're up to).
If those timings don't work, it isn't your thing, or you prefer to be more active on social media - that's absolutely fine.
Our main online communities are based around the Facebook groups. In the group you are there as a person, not as your business page.
Being active in the groups helps other people to know what you do and how you can help. Just dumping your Facebook page link and not getting involved doesn't really work.
Not all businesses are active on social media - for some it's not appropriate, others only use one platform because that's where their target market is.
You're welcome in the community whether you're an active social media user or not. If it's a confidence thing, we're also available to help you get to grips with it.
If you'd like to build your own community - and that can be anywhere in the world - we'd love to hear from you. Email us on hello@thebusinessescommunity.com
Our Bedfordshire Businesses magnets are available for anyone attending our Jellies and events.
You'll also get one (and your car sticker and badge) when you receive your welcome pack after joining.
Use them to get involved with #MagnetMonday in the Facebook groups.
As well as being a wibbly wobbly dessert, a Jelly is an event where local businesses come together to co-work in one place. It started in New York, we didn't think of the name.
If you're a registered member of the group it's up to you to tell us what you're up to. We share all the details of how in the member's only Facebook group and in the monthly member's only emails.
If you're not a registered member and want to be featured, now may be the time to join.
If you've got an amazing idea for a collaborative project, aren't getting your member emails, want to feature us or something else - drop us an email at
As Bedfordshire Businesses we have 2 Facebook groups plus a Facebook page.
This group is for anyone who has a business in Bedfordshire. It's a big group, tightly moderated by a (very lovely) team of volunteers from the businesses community who make sure all content is relevant, local and not spammy.
You have to ask to join the group and answer the questions before one of the admin/moderating team looks at it. We try to do these as quickly as possible.
Please read the rules of the group to get the most out of your membership.

Bedfordshire Businesses Members Only Facebook Group

A place for website members to work together, share members exclusives, be the "first to know", where you can test ideas, ask questions, give other members first dibs on events etc. and get support to grow your Bedfordshire Business. Once you have signed up as a registered member, we'll add you to the group.
Our Facebook page is where we show the world what all the businesses communities are up to. It's one of the platforms we use to share what our members are up to, what other businesses communities are up to, and find out really important (usually lighthearted) things about our followers.
Anyone who has a business in Bedfordshire, an outlet or base in Bedfordshire or works predominantly in Bedfordshire is welcome.
There are other Business Communities in surrounding towns in Hertfordshire and London with more building all the time.