How To

We’ve made a few short videos on how to get your business on the TBC website, and how to market your business via the site.

Welcome to your TBC Website how to login

TBC How to update your profile

Your profile is really, really important as this is what we put in front of people that we see asking for services such as yours – so you want to make this looking as “peachy” as possible!

TBC How to add an event

Don’t forget that all events are mentioned in the Friday News in the Enfield Businesses facebook group, featured via our social media channels, and get listed in BizCom – result!:

TBC How to add top tips, news, business stories

Don’t forget that any top tips, news, or features/blogs about your business get shared via our social media channels and within the groups – ain’t it great that other people are shouting about your business for you??!!

TBC Your Account and how to update your payment method

You can check your account at any time to see what’s going on and update your payment method:

Don’t forget that if you get stuck, you can simply email us at – or we can do all of this for you – simply head to the TBC shop to see the options!