Joolz Joseph discusses email marketing trends in 2022

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Joolz Joseph on Email Uplers

Joolz Joseph is delighted to be featured in 2 guides for email marketing trends this year!  Looking for details on what’s going to be trending in Email Marketing in 2022? Check these out:

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And Joolz own insights as taken from the Email Uplers Report..

“In 2022, recipients will continue to enjoy animation or interaction functionality within their inbox, so organisations need to work out how to make the most of engagement within the email in a way that makes sense and adds value for their recipients.

This year you should focus on getting recipients to act on the email as much as possible. Interacting with the email in the inbox will increase their likelihood of clicking through and completing a desired action, such as a purchase for a retailer or booking a consultation for service providers. With changes late 2021 making opening metrics less reliable than ever, interaction is even more important.

Gamification is a highly effective form of bringing in brand personality to encourage interaction and will become more prevalent in 2022. Email marketing gamification is responsible for a 30% increase in the email open rate according to Econsultancy. Penguin Books have some great examples that are relatively straightforward to implement – for example using their Penguin characters sharing favourite books and encouraging you to click to see what it is. More interesting than a simple list. Scratch card animations, pick a prize and quizzes are also popular ideas that are easy to implement and you can run across multiple channels (e.g. sharing answers or winners on socials)

And it’s an affordable technique to implement – just needs a little creativity. The last 2 years have been rough, so a little fun to lighten things up may be just the answer. From simple quizzes to more sophisticated gamification, the more you can get recipients to interact, the longer they will be engaged.”